Lessons & Boarding


The lesson program at Serendipity Farms is designed to help riders of all levels, from beginner to advanced, achieve their goals. Our focus is on correct instruction and training for both rider and horse. We offer private lessons as well as group lessons where riders are matched according to their ability. Lesson horses are available for clients who do not own their own horse.


Serendipity Farms offers monthly stall boarding and training from $695/month.
Please see Oakhaven Farm for facility information.

Serendipity Farms Austin at Oakhaven Rate Sheet – Revised 4/1/2017
All board horses receive 2x daily feeding, 2x daily stall cleaning, daily turnout (weather permitting), daily hoof picking, summer fans, winter blanketing and a natural fly prevention system. All boarders are allowed to use both arenas, both round pens (covered exerciser to be operated by SF/OPL staff ONLY), and the trails. Specific amenities for each barn are listed below.

Main Barn: $975/month. Includes use of the air-conditioned tack room, H/C water in the wash racks. Main Barn horses get an hour in the exerciser each day in addition to their turnout (2 one hour turns when weather does not permit turnout).

Creekside Barn: $795/month. Includes use of the tack room in the green barn. Creekside Barn horses get an hour in the exerciser in lieu of a turnout on muddy days.

Shedrow: $695/month. Includes use of the tack shed nearby. Shedrow horses get turned out in the outdoor round pen in lieu of their paddocks on muddy days.

Prorated Board (partial months)
Main Barn: $50/night or one month, whichever is less
Creekside Barn: $35/night or one month, whichever is less
Shedrow Barn: $30/night or one month, whichever is less

**board prices above reflect an expectation that the client will participate in the lesson program in some capacity each month (full training not required). For months in which no lessons or training rides are purchased, a $125 charge will be added to your invoice.**

Individual lesson rates for boarders:
$50/training ride
-these lessons and rides are billed at the end of the month

Training package for boarders:
$450/month in addition to board. Includes 12 services per MONTH – a maximum combination of one (1) GROUP lesson and two (2) training rides per WEEK or three (3) training rides, if the rider is unable to attend lessons. Training rides at horse shows for horses on the package are included in the 12/month allotment. Horses on the training package also receive a monthly “pre-show” trim and clip (mane pull, ears, nose, bridle path). Additionally, we are happy to administer any regular medications your horse may need, such as Adequan or Legend, or treat a *minor* injury without extra charges.
-the training package is billed at the beginning of the month.
-horses and riders on the training package are welcome to take additional lessons and receive additional training rides at the boarder rates above

Public Lesson Program:
-Includes the use of a lesson horse and tack

Horse Show/Clinic Services
Full Body Clip $175
Pre-Show Trim $45
Daily Care $45
Coaching $45
Hauling Approx. $1.50/mile
Training Rides $50
Groom Tips $15/day/horse

Additional Services:
Administer medication: $15 (medication must be provided by client)
Hydrotherapy: $20
Bandage/treat minor wounds: $15 plus cost of any supplies used
Local hauling (i.e. to vet clinic): $65 minimum, $20/hour wait time
Haul-in rate (for trail riding, or arena use): $25/horse
Horse Handling for non-recommended service providers $25/hour, (i.e. farrier of client’s choice)

Additional Services available upon request, as needed, please discuss your individual needs with Laura